Overview of Initiatives


A foodshed is the geographic area between where food is produced and where food is consumed. 

Supporting local foodsheds is about valuing all those in your community who grow, harvest and process food, while taking an active role in building a resilient food system. This initiative encourages communities to combine supporting local food with regenerative agricultural methods to create a food system which is tolerant to the shocks of climate change and natural disasters.

Signing our pledge links you to a network of citizen scientists eager to map, analyze, and rethink food in their community.

Sign the Pledge


  • Use our *Know Your Foodshed webmap or *Mobile Viewer to find contributors in your area.
  • Add new sources of local food to our map using our *geoform.
  • Detailed instructions for these resources can be found on our *wiki.
  • Participate in the global conversation #aboutralf

*our maps, geoform, and wiki are currently offline for a server migration, we hope to have them back online ASAP!



Inspired by the Polynesian voyagers who brought canoe plants with them to cultivate sustainable communities across the Pacific, Abundant Earth (AE) brings the world's most resilient and healthful plants together to cultivate sustainable communities across the globe. Through a growing network of agroforestry hubs, we bring these plants to new communities and promote the widespread adoption of regenerative agricultural systems. These hubs provide community members access to workshops and propagation materials to start their own edible forest gardens at home. Plant a seed, grow a garden and help us create an Abundant Earth!


  • AE garden system plant list (coming soon)
  • Operation Manual for Abundant Earth (coming soon)



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